We make the best out of your product data

The product data of our business partners in Romania form the basis for many business transactions at Kaufland. For example, they help us select the right products, ensure a smooth payment process in the accounting department, simplify the logistics processes and offer advantages with marketing. With the optimization of the way product data is shared, we want to work together with you as a business partner to make our data management even easier and thus to also make it more efficient for you.


We use the services of Markant

As a large-scale retailer, we have a very wide assortment. For us, it is even more important to ensure that you, as our business partner, have a smooth process with product data management. To ensure that you are in the best hands, we use the expertise of Markant. Markant operates a platform for digital product data interchange connecting suppliers and retailers. Together we are driving digitalization and you will profit from it exclusively.

Other providers:

Are you already using a data pool provider to publish your data, or do you want to register with another provider? No problem. You can also (continue to) use this data pool. Markant will deliver all product data to us through a centralized process.

Do you have questions on the exact process? Our Support team will be happy to advise you.

Previously connected providers for RO:

  • Wisebase
  • Brandbank

Our goal

Even better and more efficient together

Modernization does not stop at product data management. It is essential for sharing data with our business partners in a seamless manner. To achieve this together with you, we have set the aims that are as easy as they are effective. Digitalizing the exchange of product data is particularly important during the process. 

A business partner works with our digital product data management

Digitalization & standardization

Digitalizing the processes means we will no longer record the product data in tedious excel spreadsheets but instead will standardize the process across all countries. There will be only one channel which all of our business partners can use internationally for data transfer.

Product data will no longer have to be sent by personalized emails as was the case previously. Process optimization that only has advantages for everyone involved. 

People walk quickly through an office


Digitalization of processes always means: faster processes. By collecting product data in an uncomplicated and standardized manner, we can bring our business partners' products to our stores much faster and the required product information is provided accordingly on time.

The increased speed especially pays off with higher data quantities. 

Digital product data is checked against a checklist

Data quality

Standard checks, which are important for processing the data, are carried out already while the product data is entered into the system. Having standardized options for using the data also reduces mistakes, which in turn prevents errors from having to be manually edited and thus it saves costs.

Since the product data is transparent, it will always be complete and up-to-date. There will always be a history of who updated or changed what and when it was undertaken.

Laptop screen on which the offers from Kaufland can be seen


The new system also has a positive effect on marketing and advertising measures. Because we use the product data on all our digital channels, the products also receive more reach and can be found a lot easier and faster on the internet.

The high quality of the product data ensures improved presentation and promotion in our leaflet, on the Kaufland app and on our website.


Your advantages as business partner

We are not the only ones who profit from digital product data management: You in particular benefit as our business partner. Here you will find out everything about your benefits and why it makes sense to make a joint effort with us to improve product data management.

Easy data collection

A business partner sits in front of a laptop and enters product data

Instead of recording product data in a cumbersome excel product passport, you can now easily do this using a standardized web template.

A clear presentation of all issues relevant for Kaufland as well as helpful explanations make it easier to enter the data. Incomplete entries or entries with mistakes are displayed right away and can be corrected quickly and simply.

Central platform

Three people sitting in front of a laptop

The clearer the process is, the easier the product data management will be. For this reason, we are only using a central platform where all information like master data, product images and documents can be saved. This way there will not be any different data statuses between you and Kaufland.

Moreover, you will always know which assortment and which product data you have shared with us and whether you have already up-dated it. 

Process optimization

Two people sit in front of a laptop and look at the new process flow

The central platform makes it possible for you to transfer your product data to Kaufland directly and transparently. Hence, you will not have to use various communication channels like telephone or email to transfer product data.

The system will check your data before it is saved and transmitted to see whether all entries have been made according to Kaufland’s guidelines so that nothing has to be tediously adapted or corrected afterwards.

Quality Check

Three people control the product data

With the support of Markant, we guarantee that your product data will only have the best quality. Master and image data as well as relevant documents are checked that they are complete and up-to-date based on agreed guidelines.

With respect to image data, we also ensure that the images meet all requirements so that they can be used, for example, with excellent resolution for advertising purposes.

As a company with a large product portfolio, we have many years of extensive experience with sharing data digitally. Verified data quality and being able to use a centrally managed standard that does not require repeated data entry are the biggest plus points of this system. R. Bartnik, Product Data Manager DACH, Procter & Gamble
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Product range and countries

Our objective is to provide all product data digitally across all product groups and countries. We are working relentlessly to develop a uniform international solution in order to complete this system changeover. 

And you can help us. Please review whether your products fulfill the criteria for the digital provision of product data.

Simple check in five steps:


Target market:

Your product refers to the target market Romania


Product range:

Your product relates to the Food product range



Your product has a unique GTIN



Your product is a brand-name product (not a Kaufland in-house brand)


That's it!

If your product fulfills all of the criteria, then continue here



Have a product that doesn’t fulfill one of the above criteria? In such cases, simply use here the Product Pass.

Product Pass

Product Pass for exceptions

If one of your products does not come from a selected target market, is not a Food assortment, or is not an own GTIN or brand product, please use the following Product Passes. Please note that the Product Pass should only be used in these exceptional cases.

Here's how it works:

Simply download the Product Pass, complete it, and return it to your responsible contact person in Purchasing. 

Product Pass Food target market INT (all countries except for GER)

Artikelpass-Food-Marke-INT.zip (7.9 MB)


We – your data specialists – are here for you

Do you need personal advice? Our experts are available in the event you have any questions on the topic of data collection. You can reach us easily by telephone or email. 

You can reach us during the following support times. National holidays are excluded.

Monday - Thursday: 8 am - 5 pm

Friday: 8 am - 3 pm

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